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Hi! Ed Gosser again I am going to talk about answersearth.com and how it became with the journey it took to get here.
I got to Thailand and I thought what am I going to do now I am here? I looked, looked amd looked for some kind of online job. Big Nada. So how do I make enough money to stay and support family. I decided to become a teacher of English, and why not I am good at it. Well I thought I better go to Vietnam and go to work, I am to young to collect my retirment. Off I went. within a couple of days I got a job Teaching English and am still doing it here.


The Pictures This is a picture of the first Answersearth.com Website. later. 1st one is at a Temple in Mukdahan. That is Laos on the other side of the river, 2nd is the 2nd Marathon in SUT Korat last 6-2019..
In the Begining I wanted to start a page to reflect my time in Asia. So I started it as a travel site to help people that want to travel and do not know ho to. I gathered as much information as I could about different things and put it on a site. ( You can see that at http://www.answersearth.com/travel/ ) we are still using it. One day I thaought WoW answersearth is for the whole world, so I re-thought this sight. I decided to make it a global type site. I did a lot of research about it. and this is what I come up with.


I have 21 catagory buttons at the top to make easy navagation. Each went to a site that looks the same as the last. I talked to my son about improvements. He said people will get lost, because they are all the same. He said change the background. I tried it and found a solution with the inside frame. Now it was time to pick colors, I wanted something that was suttle but bold enough to make the subsite distinctive. From here on it will be a change log of the site. Enjoy


Update: 1-15-2020 - Changed from a Travel site to a global site. Welcome to the NEW Answersearth.com. We serve 195 Countries around the world. 21 Topics, and the main page is an all global page. I am puting information that you don't find on the Network Companies have to offer.


Update: 2-8-2020 -

* Completely rebuilt the About page to reflect Answers Earth.

* Completely created a Founders page to seperate business from personal.

* Completely created a Changelog page to give you an update on changes in detail.



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